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Athlete Stories & Sponsorships


Tracy McGrady Hall of Fame Basketball Player

"In basketball, jumping a couple inches higher and having a more explosive first step, makes a huge difference in your game."

Tracy McGrady

Hall of Fame Basketball Player

Jonathan Taylor All Pro Running Back, Indianapolis

"When I first put VKTRY Insoles into my cleats, it was an instant boost of explosion, power & speed. Being able to explode out of my cuts with more power helps me separate from a defender. Having this high-tech product inside your cleats makes you feel like no one can stop you on the field."

Jonathan Taylor

All Pro Running Back, Indianapolis

Jordan Larson3x World Champion Volleyball Player

"I’ve been really impressed with how VKTRY insoles have helped me increase my vertical, even at my age....I felt the difference immediately when I put these insoles into my shoes – Wow!"

Jordan Larson

3x World Champion Volleyball Player

Julio RodriguezOutfielder, Seattle

"With VKTRY, I feel a lot more explosive getting an initial jump. The spring you feel is next level. I really believe VKTRY Insoles are a secret weapon for anyone wearing them... they have really helped me run faster."

Julio Rodriguez

Outfielder, Seattle

Padraig Harrington3x Major Champion

"When you wear VKTRY, you know you have something that’s elite. It’s very important as an athlete that you don’t leave anything to chance. VKTRY brings confidence that you’ve got something that’s going to give maximum power & maximum stability.. as I always say, you can’t launch a rocket from a canoe."

Padraig Harrington

3x Major Champion

Reggie BushHeisman Trophy Winner, Super Bowl Champion

“After 11 years in the NFL, I had trouble walking nine holes of golf. I started using VKs 3 years ago and this product changed my life. I can now exercise and walk 36 holes a day nearly pain-free. Every young athlete should be using VKTRY Insoles"

Reggie Bush

Heisman Trophy Winner, Super Bowl Champion

Antonio GibsonRunning Back, Washington Football Team

"VKTRY insoles were a key part of my return from a turf toe injury during my rookie season. I feel the added protection and power it gives me every time I step on the field."

Antonio Gibson

Running Back, Washington Football Team

Angel McCoughtry#1 overall pick in the 2009 WNBA Draft

"VKTRY insoles help me with shock absorption and allows me to play and train freely. That freeing of my mind is beyond valuable and I owe that to VKTRY Gear and their amazing insoles."

Angel McCoughtry

#1 overall pick in the 2009 WNBA Draft

Jarryd Wallace2x World Champion Sprinter

"When you’re running with something like VKTRY in your spikes and you feel that power and explosiveness, that’s something you can’t argue against."

Jarryd Wallace

2x World Champion Sprinter

Jamia FieldsForward for the Houston Dash, NWSL

"I love using VKTRY insoles, not only do I feel fast and explosive, but they fit perfectly inside my cleat."

Jamia Fields

Forward for the Houston Dash, NWSL

Myles Jones3X Lacrosse All-American at Duke, PLL Chaos All-Star

"VK Insoles help me to apply more force into the ground, making me more explosive. I also feel like I have more bounce and fresher legs late in the game because of VKs."

Myles Jones

3X Lacrosse All-American at Duke, PLL Chaos All-Star

Ezra ClevelandOffensive Linemen, Minnesota Vikings

"The explosion and strength I felt with the VKTRY insoles helped me put up great testing numbers at the combine."

Ezra Cleveland

Offensive Linemen, Minnesota Vikings

Danny PinterOffensive Tackle, Indianapolis Colts

"I love using VKTRY Insoles because I can feel a difference in how I move while training. I feel secure using them while I train and have noticed improvements. They are a great upgrade over the standard insole."

Danny Pinter

Offensive Tackle, Indianapolis Colts

Adam ByrneWing, Leinster Rugby

"The VK insoles are a great piece of kit and have been a huge help to me on my road back from a foot/ankle injury. They offer the right amount of support and that little bit of spring to reduce the stress on my foot."

Adam Byrne

Wing, Leinster Rugby

Joe ReedWide Receiver/Punt Returner, LA Chargers

"The comfort level and daily results are unmatched. VKTRY Insoles helped maximize my potential for the NFL combine and I am excited to continue using them throughout my career."

Joe Reed

Wide Receiver/Punt Returner, LA Chargers

Drew WatersAtlanta Braves Organization

"I wear VKTRY insoles because the comfort and support helps me hit from the ground up. I can definitely feel a difference when I wear them and feel more explosive!"

Drew Waters

Atlanta Braves Organization

Joe Nardella2x PLL Champion and FO Man of the Year

"As an athlete who has always deal with shin splits and foot pain, VKTRY has changed how I prepare. Not only have I become more explosive, my overall foot health is much better!"

Joe Nardella

2x PLL Champion and FO Man of the Year

Rick SmithLegendary PGA Instructor

"I’ve been preaching ground force and explosiveness in the golf swing for 40+ years. I’ve never experienced anything like VKTRY’s Carbon Fiber Insoles...When I put these insoles in, they take the load off my body and put a spring in my step."

Rick Smith

Legendary PGA Instructor

Arielle ShipForward, Utah Royals

"I love my VKTRY insoles! Since I’ve had them, I feel way quicker and much more explosive!"

Arielle Ship

Forward, Utah Royals

Ryan AndersonOLB, NY Giants

"I noticed the difference VKTRY insoles made right away. I feel an increase in stability and speed, giving me that competitive edge I need on the field. Not only are the insoles super comfortable, but I've also experienced much less post-practice foot pain since wearing them."

Ryan Anderson

OLB, NY Giants

Garrett BollesOffensive Lineman, Denver Broncos

"VKTRY Insoles are the best out there! They keep me safe on and off the field, by keeping my body aligned along with making me explosive in the gym and on the field. They give me the strength and and balance that I need to preform day in and day out! "

Garrett Bolles

Offensive Lineman, Denver Broncos

Josh NormanCornerback, Buffalo Bills

"Speed kills in football. VKs provide that burst to beat opposing players. With VKs, you have that extra six inches that can be the difference between winning or losing."

Josh Norman

Cornerback, Buffalo Bills

Amir AbedzadehGoalkeeper for C.S. Marítimo, Iran National Team

"I'm consistently working on my craft and looking for ways to become a better athlete. VKTRY has helped me get one step closer to where I want to be."

Amir Abedzadeh

Goalkeeper for C.S. Marítimo, Iran National Team

Jason MooreWide Receiver, Los Angeles Chargers

"I like my VKTRY Insoles cause they make transition between routes smoother than the standard insole"

Jason Moore

Wide Receiver, Los Angeles Chargers

Tianna Bartolatta3X World Champion Sprinter & Long-Jumper

"The more I workout in VKs the more I’m convinced that they are a one of a kind product. ...more height at takeoff in the long jump...more explosive out of the starting blocks."

Tianna Bartolatta

3X World Champion Sprinter & Long-Jumper

Haleigh WashingtonAll-American & National Champion Volleyball Player

"I’ve struggled with good foot support for my entire athletic career, VKTRY has HIGH key made a difference in my comfort, my explosiveness, and how my feet feel when I play!"

Haleigh Washington

All-American & National Champion Volleyball Player

Dayan LakeDefensive Back, Los Angeles Rams

"I love VKTRY insoles because they are comfortable and allow me to be more explosive on the field!"

Dayan Lake

Defensive Back, Los Angeles Rams

Josh KochWorld Long Driver

"I wear VKTRY insoles because they help me swing faster, simple as that."

Josh Koch

World Long Driver

Jared OlivaOutfielder, Pittsburgh Pirates

"I like to wear VKTRY insoles because, whether I'm baserunning or out in the outfield, they make me more explosive and help all facets of my game."

Jared Oliva

Outfielder, Pittsburgh Pirates

Jamell AndersonForward, Leicester Roughriders

"I love wearing VKTRY insoles as they provide me with athleticism and comfort. When I'm on the court I just feel as if I have an extra bit of speed and vertical jump. I not only use them in my basketball shoes but also in my everyday trainers so that my body is supported correctly from the ground up."

Jamell Anderson

Forward, Leicester Roughriders

Georgia JonesShooting Guard, Manchester Mystics

"I noticed a difference wearing the insoles straight away! Not only do they fit my feet perfectly, I'm also feeling lighter when moving in them. My first step feels a lot quicker and I love the advantage they give me, no matter what surface I am competing on!"

Georgia Jones

Shooting Guard, Manchester Mystics

Tiffeny ParkerWorld-Class Bobsled & Track Athlete

"With the amount of speed and power that it takes to push a sled as a bobsled athlete, finding a way to get the same reaction of speed and power on a grass surface during off season training as you would from ground reaction on a track... is a game changer!"

Tiffeny Parker

World-Class Bobsled & Track Athlete

Justus NieschlagGerman Triathlete

"I really enjoy the benefits of VKTRY. Running feels more stable without losing energy."

Justus Nieschlag

German Triathlete

Lina VölkerGerman Triathlete

"With VKTRY I can use the extra kick of explosiveness while staying injury free!"

Lina Völker

German Triathlete

Yodny CajusteOT, New England Patriots

"VKTRY has changed my game all around. I experience significantly less pain on my muscles and joints when wearing the insoles. Additionally, my game has been more explosive allowing me to jump/run/cut much more effectively."

Yodny Cajuste

OT, New England Patriots

Jonas SchomburgGerman Triathlete

"I am absolutely impressed by the insoles from VKTRY. I am able to increase my performance by running way more agile especially during intense sessions where you need it the most!"

Jonas Schomburg

German Triathlete

Jojo RomeroPhiladelphia Phillies Organization

"Since using VKTRY insoles I find myself performing with less pressure on my feet! They help keep me out on the mound longer, and give me extra comfort and explosiveness during my delivery. I love my VKTRY insoles!"

Jojo Romero

Philadelphia Phillies Organization

Cedric OsterholtGerman Triathlete

"Running in the VKTRY insoles I feel a special kind of lightness that allows me to train faster and better!"

Cedric Osterholt

German Triathlete

Terrell BramwellProfessional Volleyball Player, Riseleh Sarafand

"VKTRY Insoles have allowed me to take my game to another level! I can feel the response from the insoles through my feet whenever I take off. Being able to be more explosive on the court has helped my bunnies as well. Thank you guys, appreciate it!"

Terrell Bramwell

Professional Volleyball Player, Riseleh Sarafand

Cole GordonRight Handed Pitcher, New York Mets Organization

"Still in love. Wish I had them in every shoe."

Cole Gordon

Right Handed Pitcher, New York Mets Organization

Boone NiederhoferRight Handed Pitcher, New York Mets Organization

"..In the past, I have dealt with shin splints and foot arch tightness. However, ever since I have started training with VKRTY Insoles in my shoes, I no longer have pain in my shins and feet, and my legs are able to recover much faster post-workouts. Furthermore, the “springiness” I feel when sprinting with VKTRY Insoles gives me an edge in training and on the ice in competition."

Boone Niederhofer

Right Handed Pitcher, New York Mets Organization

Logan RinehartRight Handed Pitcher, Seattle Mariners Organization

"VKTRY insoles have blown me away. They have drastically impacted my game both in my training and on the mound. They really give me the feel of energy working from the ground up when I am on the mound. Truly the best in the business!"

Logan Rinehart

Right Handed Pitcher, Seattle Mariners Organization

Timmy MehlDefender, Loudon United

"These insoles are so comfortable and give me the extra step I need on the soccer field when I get tired!” “I have struggled with shin splints throughout my soccer career and have tried everything out there. These insoles relieve me of my shin pain, which lets me focus on performing on the field!"

Timmy Mehl

Defender, Loudon United

Ricky VanascoRight Handed Pitcher, Texas Rangers Organization

"VKTRY insoles have been a game changer for me. They help support my lower back and my landing leg while pitching. They also make me feel more explosive like there is a spring in my shoes."

Ricky Vanasco

Right Handed Pitcher, Texas Rangers Organization

Stephen BrownPoint Guard, Giessen 46ers

"In the last couple of weeks using VKTRY insoles, I’ve noticed a difference in my stability, speed, and decrease in foot pain. It gives me the capability to workout longer which is the edge I need to enhance my performance."

Stephen Brown

Point Guard, Giessen 46ers

David PindellQuarterback, NFL Free Agent

"VKTRY insoles give me a smooth feel when wearing my cleats and doing my drops. I would highly recommend to all athletes!"

David Pindell

Quarterback, NFL Free Agent

Nick WardForward, College Park Skyhawks

"Only been wearing VKTRY insoles for a few days but I can already feel the added explosiveness to my game. These feel great on my feet and I plan on using them with my everyday trainers!"

Nick Ward

Forward, College Park Skyhawks

Jennie RintalaForward, Adelaide Lightning

"I struggle with foot pain. It’s amazing how much Vktry insoles help me not only during sport but also my recovery time."

Jennie Rintala

Forward, Adelaide Lightning

CJ GettysCenter, Babitious Nara

"Day 1 & VKTRY insoles already making a huge difference in my game. I feel added explosiveness & these are vertical game changers!"

CJ Gettys

Center, Babitious Nara

Jaylen MorrisGuard, Aris Thessaloniki

"I’ve used orthopedic insoles in the past but none that I feel comfortable playing in. VKTRY insoles bring added comfort on the court which is important for me to compete at the highest level. "

Jaylen Morris

Guard, Aris Thessaloniki


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