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90 Day Money Back Guarantee + Free Shipping on US Orders!

90 Day Money Back Guarantee + Free Shipping on US Orders!

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VKTRY Insoles - Everything You Need To Know

Do VKTRY Insoles come in different widths or arch types?

No, we do not make VKs in different widths or arch types. They have been designed to be arch agnostic and our sizes are very generous in the width. Our...
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If I am on the border of a weight level, should I go up or down?

We usually recommend going down. The weight level is a big factor in determining the VK’s Pro Level (flexibility). While a higher Pro Level may provide more spring, it’s very...
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Why do I need to enter my sport?

Different shoe types fit differently. For example, soccer shoes fit much more tightly than basketball shoes. We accommodate for these differences by having different foam cushions: yellow is 7mm thick,...
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How do I know which color VKs I am going to get – what’s the difference?

The different colors correspond to the shoe type & shoe fit. Yellow is our thickest most comfortable top (7mm) and if you play a sport with a non-cleated shoe, you...
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Are VKTRY insoles available as custom orthotics?

Yes. VKTRY Gear now offers a full custom version. Schedule a free consultation with our inhouse pedorthist. They are fabricated from your foot impressions. We send you a foam impression...
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Are the sizes shown on the VKTRY website in US sizes?

Yes, all sizes are in US sizing. If you wear a size 9 or 9.5 shoe, then order our size 9/9.5. Most of the time the fit is right the...
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If I sometimes wear a 9.5 shoe size and in other shoes wear a 10, what size VK should I order?

We recommend that you select the shoes you will be wearing your VKs in the most and choose that shoe size when selecting your VK size. Any issues with fit,...
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