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How VKTRY Insoles Help with Injury Protection and Recovery

Many young athletes have discovered VKTRY Insoles because they are excited about the prospect of jumping higher (an average +1.6”) or running faster (0.12 seconds faster in the 40-yard dash). But another valuable benefit to wearing VKs is the ability for the product to reduce injuries – and to help in recovery from injuries. VKTRY has more research to support these claims than virtually any other insole company in the world.

basketball injury protection with VKTRY Insoles

Why VKTRY Versus Other Carbon Fiber Insoles:


For decades now, doctors and physical therapists have been prescribing very rigid insoles, originally made from steel and now more commonly made from carbon fiber due to the lighter weight. Placing stiff plates in the patient’s shoes is similar to a plaster cast. Immobilizing or splinting the foot allows the patient more protection and time to heal. Medical professionals may prescribe this treatment for injuries like Turf Toe and stress fractures.


While this treatment certainly served the purpose of stabilizing the foot, as you can imagine, most patients find the stiff plates extremely uncomfortable. Some athletes have used the term “medieval” to describe wearing these stiff plates and many people resist complying with the doctor’s orders to use them. When VKTRY Insoles were officially launched in 2016, sports medicine experts now had another, more practical option to help their patients.




We had a linebacker Deion Jones who was struggling with a stress fracture in his tibia and couldn’t make it through the morning practice,” said Jack Marucci, Director of Athletic Training at LSU.


We put the VKTRY Insoles in his cleats at lunch time and he was able to practice almost pain-free in the afternoon. Thanks to the VKs, Deion was able to play the entire season.”



LSU and VKTRY Insoles



VKTRY received the U.S. patent for this new, innovative sports gear in 2015. There are 2 primary elements of the design which separate VKs from any other insole in the world:


1. The Shape – Most insoles are made from foam and plastic with a shape that is either perfectly flat or touches at the heel and ball of the foot. The typical insole is passive in nature and works as a cushion primarily for comfort. The VKTRY Insole was designed to be dynamic - to store and return energy. That’s why it touches at the heel and toe box. So, when an athlete bends his/her foot, the unique & patent-protected VKTRY shape creates maximum deflection of the carbon fiber baseplate – and stores the maximum possible energy.

VKTRY Insole baseplate


2. The Layering – While the patented VKTRY baseplate may look like a single piece of carbon fiber, it actually consists of layers of carbon fiber, some of different lengths, some of different orientations (unidirectional, weave, etc.). The product is highly engineered with the layering providing the optimal amount of flexibility and stiffness for that specific athlete. The orientation of the carbon fibers provides strength and flexibility in the direction that the foot naturally moves, while also improving stability to reduce twisting or torquing.

VKTRY Insole layering

How Do VKTRY Carbon Fiber Insoles Help in Injury Protection:


Many athletic shoes have been light weighted – to increase speed and typically to reduce manufacturing costs. Experts in Sports Medicine will tell you that this “shoe light weighting” has resulted in an increase in foot, ankle & knee injuries.


Adding VKTRY Insoles to an athlete’s shoes can help reduce injuries due to multiple factors:

added support with VKTRY Insoles

1. Added Structure & Support – The front of the foot is very prone to injuries because this is where the force is exerted and returned during running and jumping activities. Most insoles are simply foam from the midfoot to the toes which does not offer any significant protection. VKs provide structure and support from heel to toe. The VKTRY carbon fiber base plate acts as a “shield” to provide additional protection where the athlete tends to absorb much of the force exerted – the front of the foot.

2. More Stability – As previously mentioned, the carbon fiber alignment in the VKTRY Insoles are designed to reduce torquing of the foot. A foam insole has virtually no stability, nothing to prevent a basketball player from rolling an ankle or a trail runner from suffering a stress fracture. No matter the sport (from football to golf), a more stable base means improved ground force - and less injuries.


3. Maximum Shock Absorption – When most insole brands speak of “shock absorption”, they are simply referring to the compression of the thin layer of foam. When an athlete jumps and lands wearing VKTRY Insoles, the carbon fiber plates deflect to truly decelerate the athlete before complete impact. Many athletes that wear VKs describe it as landing on a springboard or trampoline.

landing cycle

Research To Support Claims That VKTRY Insoles Can Reduce Injuries:

In 2017, VKTRY ran a field research study with 4 prominent universities in America: Texas A&M, Northern Illinois, NC State and Duke. In total, 263 D1 football players were given VKTRY Insoles to wear for all practices and games. At the end of the season, the Athletic Training staffs from each of the schools supplied VKTRY with the injury data from that season as well the three previous years. The compilation for the “VKTRY season” compared to years prior:

  • 41% less foot & toe injuries
  • 22% less lower leg injuries

While these are impressive “real world” statistics, the medical community is more comfortable with clinical studies. So, that is what VKTRY did next. In 2020, the Korey Stringer Institute (KSI) based at the University of Connecticut completed a 6-month study. The complete research findings are available to the public upon request, but here is a summary of the KSI conclusion:


LSU and VKTRY Insoles



”It is clear that VKTRY Insoles improve lower body biomechanics, stability of the ankle and knee during running, and shock absorption during landing. These improvements can help safeguard athletes by providing injury protection.”


– Dr. Douglas Casa, PhD, ATC, Professor of Kinesiology, CEO of the Korey Stringer Institute, and member of the NFL Executive Committee.

The TOP TEN Injuries That VKTRY Insoles Can Help Recover From:


It only makes sense that if a product helps to reduce injuries, that same “protective gear” will also help athletes recover from injuries. Here’s a list of just some of the common sports injuries or conditions that VKTRY Insoles can help with:

1. Flat Feet (aka Pes Planus) – Not an injury, but a very common condition especially amongst elite athletes. The “standard foot” has a moderate arch which is designed to flex and act somewhat like a spring. VKTRY Insoles have been successfully helping people with flat feet because VKs simulate the spring motion at the arch that the person is lacking, typically resulting in a reduction of pain symptoms.

VKTRY Insoles help protect against injury



2. Shin Splints – An injury common in runners usually caused by overexertion before the body is ready to ramp up (going too hard, too quickly). The main symptom is pain along the tibia (shin) and a commonly prescribed treatment is ice and rest. VKs can help because they provide maximum shock absorption which can reduce the pounding and shock transmitted to the lower legs.



3. Turf Toe – Caused by a hyperextension of the big toe usually beyond 55 degrees. This injury is common among football players and can be debilitating for athletes of all sizes. VKTRY Insoles are frequently prescribed by medical professionals for Turf Toe because they not only limit the chance of further hyperextension, but VKs also provide the propulsion at push off that the injured athlete is now lacking.




4. Hallux Limitus & Hallux Rigidus – These injuries are common in older runners and can best be described as acute arthritis of the big toe. A common treatment of HL/HR had been the Morton’s Extension, but in a recent study by Harvard Mass General, the VKTRY Insole proved 5X better for pain management. The patients in the study also preferred VKTRY as they had 100% compliance which is quite rare. The HMG research white paper is available to the public.

Hallux Limitus & Hallux Rigidus


5. Plantar Fasciitis – A very common injury with athletes across all sports, Plantar Fasciitis can cause stabbing pain between the heel and the midfoot. This injury occurs from excessive pressure on the arch of the foot and tends to be more common in heavier people. VKs provide added stability and shock absorption for the arch which can reduce the pressure. Harvard Mass General is currently conducting research on the benefits of VKs in treating Plantar Fasciitis.


achilles tendittis and VKTRY Insoles



6. Achilles Tendinitis – Typically an overuse injury which results in pain between the calf and the heel. More common in older athletes who may only have time to exercise or play sports once or twice a week (weekend warriors). The inflammation can usually be treated by ice and rest. VKTRY Insoles can help to assist the movement that usually depends on the Achilles, thus relieving some of the pressure on that inflamed tendon.

7. Stress Fractures – Tiny cracks in a bone, quite common in the foot where there are 26 bones, many of them quite small and fragile. Once the fracture heals (6-8 weeks), and the patient comes out of the boot, VKTRY Insoles can help to protect the foot and attenuate the shock from walking and running.


8. Ankle Injuries – The study by the Korey Stringer Institute found that VKTRY Insoles better controlled ankle inversion and eversion (ankle stability). The increase in shock absorption and added stability from the VKs reduces the chance of reinjury to the ankle.


9. Knee Injuries – The athlete’s knee is considered especially vulnerable in the lower extremity kinetic chain. VKTRY insoles have been scientifically proven to improve knee alignment, stability and shock absorption during jumping, running and walking. This reduces stress and load on the knee and decreases the chance of further knee injuries.

knee injuries and VKTRY Inosles

10. Back Injuries – Most chiropractors will tell you that the health of your spine starts from the ground up with a solid, stable foundation. VKTRY Insoles have been proven to improve support, stability and alignment of the lower limbs and that lessens strain on the lower back. The “spring-like” effect a person feels while wearing VKs is improved shock absorption and reduced load and stress on the athlete’s body.

What Sports Medicine Experts Say About VKTRY Insoles:


“We have used VKTRY Insoles on several of our players with nagging foot and ankle injuries this season. All of the players that have used VKs report a decrease in pain as well as additional support that their current cleats did not provide.” Todd Toriscelli, Director of Sports Medicine, Tennessee Titans.


Gary Vitti and VKTRY Insoles

“The best way to treat an injury is to protect yourself from one. The VK is the best combination of shock absorption while maintaining stability that I have ever seen on the orthotic market. Shock absorption to reduce load and stability to disperse load biomechanically to enhance performance.”


Gary Vitti, former Head Athletic Trainer for LA Lakers (32 years).


“VKs represent a quantum leap in the world of performance insoles providing many of the benefits of custom-made orthotics in an over-the-counter device. For the first time, athletes can experience stabilization, shock absorption, and propulsion in a device that is specifically tailored to their size and weight. This is a game changer.” Dr. Jamie Creps, Senior Physical Therapist, Boston Red Sox.



VKTRY Insoles have been successful in helping athletes with injuries, as evidenced by field research, clinical studies and in thousands of customer testimonials. However, when it comes to health care, all people and all injuries are not alike. VKTRY always recommends that you consult your physician when considering treatments of an injury. And VKTRY offers a 90-day money back guarantee, so if the product is not helping a person in recovery, VKTRY provides a no questions asked refund. For more information, please click the button below.

VKTRY Insoles

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