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VKTRY Insoles: Carbon Fiber Technology Proven to Help Athletes Increase Vertical Jump Height


Several independent, third-party studies conducted at Barwis Methods, The University of Connecticut, Parisi Speed School, and Southern Connecticut State University have found that athletes jumped higher and ran faster while wearing VKTRY Insoles.


The Science Behind VKs: How VKTRY Insoles Propel You Higher


VKTRY Insoles are the world's first sports inserts made entirely from 100% aerospace-grade carbon fiber–one of the world’s highest-quality materials known for its excellent strength, durability, and ultra-lightweight. Every pair of VKTRY Insoles is customized, meaning that the size and stiffness of the carbon fiber baseplate are determined by the athlete’s weight, shoe size, and sport. The contour of VKTRY Insoles conforms to the foot’s natural arch, only making contact with the ground at the toe and heel. They contact at the heel to absorb shock and at the toe to propel the athlete forward or upward.


This unique shape, coupled with the customized carbon fiber baseplate, allows the VK to store potential energy like a spring. As the athlete plants their foot, and then raises their heel, the VK stores potential energy. Then, as the athlete’s foot propels off the ground, the insole swiftly snaps back to its original shape, converting that stored potential energy into kinetic energy. This results in an increased ground force, meaning that the athlete puts a higher amount of force into the ground, causing a propulsive effect that helps the athlete increase vertical jump height as well as sprint speed.


Quantifying the Leap: Findings from Barwis Methods


A focused study at Barwis Methods showcased the tangible benefits provided by VKTRY Insoles. Participants recorded an average increase in their broad jump distance by 4 inches. Impressively, the top 30% of these athletes jumped six inches farther, while the elite top 10% pushed the boundary with an 11-inch increase. Such results underscore the insoles’ potential to elevate athletic performance significantly.


“VKTRY Insoles are impactful in the reduction of injuries and in the improvement of athletic performance. VKs are truly the only insole I have ever seen bridge both fields!”

Mike Barwis, Head of Sports Science & Human Performance for the NY Mets & Detroit Red Wings.


Insights from UCONN: A Soccer Perspective


Further supporting evidence comes from UCONN, where Chris West, Director of Sport Science, spearheaded a nine-week study involving the Huskies Men's Soccer Team. Athletes performed a total of 1,538 jumps, averaging 9 jumps per week. The findings were striking: on average, the participants jumped 1.63 inches higher with VKTRY Insoles. This not only highlights the insoles' effectiveness but also their consistency across numerous repetitions and conditions.


Accelerated Performance at The Parisi Speed School


The Parisi Speed School study similarly echoed these positive outcomes, with participants increasing their vertical jump by over 1.5 inches and broad jump distance by 4.2 inches. Such improvements can dramatically influence performance in speed and power sports, providing athletes with a distinct competitive edge.


“I tried VKTRY Insoles for myself and instantly felt the energy return. Increasing speed and explosiveness is all about one thing – putting a greater force into the ground – and that’s what VKs do for an athlete.”

Bill Parisi, Founder of Parisi Speed Schools


Southern Connecticut State University's Confirmation


Rounding out the research, a PhD-led Southern Connecticut State University study observed an average vertical jump height increase of 1.1 inches among its participants. Remarkably, the top 30% of athletes saw increases of up to 2.54 inches. These findings further validate the efficacy of VKTRY Insoles in enhancing vertical leap capabilities.


“Performance and biomechanical data were measured during both vertical jump and sprint testing. The improvement in performance with the VKTRY Insole is statistically significant in all biomechanical variables tested.”

Dr. Robert W. Gregory, PhD, Professor at Southern Connecticut State University, the Human Performance Lab.



The data shows that VKTRY Insoles are a legitimate and effective tool for improving jump performance. Athletes looking to gain an edge in height and distance should consider incorporating VKTRY Insoles into their training regimen. As the science shows, when it comes to making leaps and bounds in athletic performance, VKTRY Insoles are a step above the rest.