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VKTRY Insoles by Sport - What’s the Difference?

VKTRY has become the World’s #1 Sports Insole because of the scientifically proven advantages in athletic performance and injury protection. Another reason that athletes love VKs is that they can be personalized so that the wearer experiences optimum comfort and benefits - but with a cost that is about 50%-75% less than someone would pay for custom orthotics.


Here’s a quick overview of how VKTRY Gold Insoles are personalized:

A. By Shoe Size

This seems like a no brainer, but you may be surprised to learn that many foam insole brands require you to cut their insoles. Please keep the scissors away from VKs! If for any reason, your VKTRY Insoles don’t fit properly, just contact us and we will arrange for a free exchange (free shipping for US customers, international customers pay shipping).

B. By Pro Level (aka Spring Strength)

All athletes are not alike – a 300-pound nose tackle will need more spring strength than a 100-pound tennis player. VKTRY uses a proprietary algorithm (based on the athlete’s gender, age, and body weight) to determine the proper Pro Level of the VKTRY Insoles


5 Unique PRO Levels (Spring Strength)

C. By Sport

We understand that different sports require different shoe types and that the fit for these shoes can be quite different:

  1. Non-Cleated Shoes (aka – trainers, sneakers, tennis shoes) – These shoes tend to be the most spacious and a customer that chooses a sport like basketball, volleyball or distance running will receive the yellow top cover which is 7mm thick.
  2. Cleated Shoes (for sports like football, baseball, lacrosse, etc.) – These shoes tend to fit a little tighter than sneakers/trainers, so the VKTRY Insole you receive will have a black top cover (4mm thick) and the carbon fiber baseplate will be slightly shorter.
  3. Specialty Shoes (for sports like soccer and track) – These tend to be very tight-fitting shoes, so the VKTRY Insole you receive will have a red top cover (2mm thick) and the carbon fiber baseplate will be even shorter than the one used for the black-topped VKs.


A frequently asked question that we receive is:

“My child plays multiple sports. Can we move the VKTRY Insole from sport to sport?”

Yes, in some cases you can.

Of course, if you are moving VKs from similar shoe types, there should be no problem at all (Examples - basketball shoes to running shoes… or football cleats to baseball cleats… or soccer cleats to track spikes).

It’s also OK if you are moving a pair of VKs from a tighter fitting shoe type to a looser fitting shoe type. As examples:

  • If you have black-topped VKTRY Insoles (e.g. – for football), you can move them into non-cleated shoes (e.g. – basketball), because you are moving them from a tighter fitting shoe to a looser fitting shoe type. The difference in insole length is usually about ½ foot size (1/6 of an inch) so there should not be much movement of the VK inside the shoe.
  • You can also move the red-topped VKs (e.g. – for soccer) to cleated shoes (e.g. - for rugby), keeping in mind that they will fit but you are sacrificing 2mm of cushion and thus some comfort.

VKTRY Top Covers by Sport

Yellow Top (7mm) Non-Cleated Shoes (not too tight fit) Black Top (4mm) Cleated Shoes (tighter fit) Red Top (2mm) Specialty Shoes (tightest fit)



Distance Running

Fitness Activity

Raquet Sports











Track & Field

Helpful Tip

If you are transferring the VKs from shoe to shoe, we recommend that you:

  • Remove the VKs by placing your fingers under the carbon fiber baseplate. Pulling up on only the foam top cover can lead to damage or separation.
  • Inspect the VKTRY insoles for wear on the top cover and any damage to the carbon fiber baseplate (cracking or chipping). Discontinue use if any damage to the carbon fiber baseplate.

Best Practice

Instead of transferring VKs from one shoe type to another, consider purchasing a 2nd pair. Doing so can be beneficial for the following reasons:

  • Extends the life for each pair of VKTRY Insoles you own.
  • Less risk of damaging the VKs when you move them back and forth between shoes.
  • VKTRY offers discounts on the purchase of multiple pairs (buy 2 pairs, save $44… buy 3 pairs, save >$90)

As always, please contact us if you should have any questions: [email protected] or 1-844-468-5879


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