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Recover Faster from Nagging Knees Injuries

Athletes Wearing VKTRY Insoles are Less Likely to Suffer from Common Lower-Leg Injuries, Study Shows


Findings from an independent PhD-led clinical study conducted by the Korey Stringer Institute (KSI) at the University of Connecticut shows that athletes wearing carbon fiber VKTRY Insoles are less likely to suffer from common foot and lower-leg injuries. Researchers found that wearing VKTRY Insoles decreases the chance of suffering knee injuries such as ACL, MCL, or meniscus tears. Additionally, VKTRY Insoles reduce the likelihood of suffering lower-leg injuries like shin splints and stress fractures, as well as foot problems such as plantar fasciitis, Achilles tendinitis, and turf toe, among others.


“After an extensive 6-month research study by the Korey Stringer Institute at the University of Connecticut, it is clear that VKTRY Insoles improve lower body biomechanics, stability of the ankle and knee during running, and shock absorption during landing. These improvements can help safeguard athletes by providing injury protection.”

Dr. Douglas Casa, PhD, ATC, Professor of Kinesiology, CEO of KSI


KSI Study Findings: How VKTRY Insoles Protect Against Knee Injuries

KSI researchers found that VKTRY Insoles improve the alignment and stability of the knee and lower leg during running and jumping movements, which reduces stress and load on the knee and decreases the chance of knee injuries. This is because every pair of VKTRY Insoles contains a customized full-length carbon fiber baseplate made of 100% aerospace-grade carbon fiber–one of the world’s highest-quality materials known for its strength, durability, and ultra-lightweight. The stiffness variation and unique shape of VKTRY Insoles carbon fiber baseplate allow it to act as a shield that protects the athlete and absorbs shock from ground reaction forces (GRF). GRF is the amount of force that the ground exerts on the athlete when the athlete strikes it. This reduction in GRF attenuates shock so that the athlete’s knee remains more aligned and stable which decreases the likelihood of suffering a knee injury typically caused by misalignment of the knee, such as ACL, MCL, and meniscus tears.



“The best way to treat an injury is to protect yourself from one. The VK is the best combination of shock absorption while maintaining stability that I have ever seen on the orthotic market. Shock absorption to reduce load and improved stability to disperse load biomechanically to enhance performance.”

Gary Vitti, Former Head Athletic Trainer for the L.A. Lakers (32 years)


KSI Study Findings: How VKTRY Insoles Protect Against Shin Splints, Stress Fractures, and Various Ankle Injuries

Next, KSI researchers found that athletes wearing VKTRY Insoles were less likely to suffer from shin splints, tibial stress syndrome (shin splints), and various ankle injuries. VKTRY Insoles are shaped to match the natural curvature of the foot, with only the toe and heel touching the ground, therefore providing a spring-like cushioning similar to the shock absorber on a car. This patented contour, combined with VKTRY Insole’s customized stiffness based on shoe size, age, sport, and weight, allows athletes to decrease the degree of dorsiflexion (loading up) in order to perform the necessary work in plantar flexion (pushing off). This improvement in the athlete’s biomechanics allows the tibialis anterior tendon to work less thereby reducing the chances of shin splints, tibial stress syndrome, and ankle ROM (range of motion) issues. VKTRY Insole’s carbon fiber base provides a stable and supportive foundation against which the athlete can push for faster, more explosive starts as well as safer, more efficient decelerations.


“VKs represent a quantum leap in the world of performance insoles providing many of the benefits of custom-made orthotics in an over-the-counter device. For the first time, athletes can experience stabilization, shock absorption, and propulsion in a device that is specifically tailored to their size and weight. This is a game changer.”

Dr. Jamie Creps, PT, DScPT, OCS, CMPT, Senior Physical Therapist, Boston Red Sox


KSI Study Findings: How VKTRY Insoles Protect Against Plantar Fasciitis


Finally, KSI researchers also found that VKTRY Insoles reduce the risk and increase protection against plantar fasciitis. This is because VKs are specifically designed to resist over-pronation and over-supination–two movements that can contribute to the onset of plantar fasciitis. By decreasing the ankle’s medial and lateral movement when applying downward force, VKTRY Insoles keep the structures of the foot within the normally accepted range of motion, which reduces stress on the plantar fascia and decreases the risk of injury.

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